The Siege of Darkridge. Final battle of the last great war.


Near the end of the 1st age, after The Light created the universe, the primordial forces of darkness (the demons), declared war against the Celestials of the Spirit Realm. and fought for dominion over control of the whole of creation. At the time the Greater Celestial Kyros was the highest authority of the spirit realm and the most powerful of all the Celestials. He rebelled against The Light and established dominion over the darkness. Becoming the Arch-Devil known as Dreadlord Kyros. The war lasted for a hundred years, but in the end the darkness fell and along with its infernal army, they were banished to the far reaches of the Abyss.


Although not much is known about this war, there are some details that are certain. The war lasted for near a thousand years and in the end, the giants turned out victorious. The giants drove the dragons into hiding and were once again free to roam the land without the threat from above. They drove the dragons unto the farthest reaches of the wild. Nearly exterminating their entire race until only a few dozen remained, forced to scatter to the far edges of the known world. Although dragons are still rare to see, it is believed they have risen in numbers since that time.


During the end of the Gloried Age, The Arch-Devil of Darkness known as the Dreadlord Kyros, manifested himself in the mortal plane and rose an army vast beyond imagining. All manner of monstrous creatures rallied to his call. This was the only time when all the common races of Chrome banded together in one place. The battle was horrifying, but in the end the battle was won and the Dreadlord was defeated. Kyros was forced to return to the Abyss where he continues to scheme for his next great war to this day.