Time in Chrome is divided in a similar way to us on Earth. They have 24 hour days, a 365 day year and 12 months per each year. The planet Chrome is believed to be roughly 15,000 years old. This period of time is divided into five "Ages". Chrome in the current day is in the middle of the 5th age. The official year is 1685 CT (Current Time).Edit

SPIRIT AGE  0-1152 AT (All Time) Before the ages of mortal life. This was an age where the Celestials of the spirit realm reigned supreme. The Great Abyssal War against the darkness and its army of demons is said to have happened during this age. Before the creation of the dragons.

DRAGON AGE  1153-4478 AT (All Time) Time of the dragons and draconic monsters. Originally the creation of the mighty dragon god Helm. This was an age of peace as the last great war had ended with the banishment of the Arch-Demons into the Abyss.


4479-10,593 AT (All Time) The age of monsters as many cursed races and monsters were born, the terrifying creations of the Arch-Demons. During this time, the dragons became were hunted near to extinction by the Giants. The Celestial deities took part in numerous wars and battles against this powerful enemy which now ravaged the world.

GLORIED AGE 10,594-13,547 (All Time) Soon after the giants defeated the dragons, they fled to the hills and mountains, seeking refuge. This aloud a new race of beings called humans to rise to power. It was an age of conflict, as kingdoms riose and fell regularly. This was the age of mankind.

RISING AGE  13,548-15,233 AT (All Time) AKA/1685 CT (Current Time) This age began after the legendary "Siege of Darkridge" and the invasion of Kyros. During the end of the Gloried Age. This is where we are now, an age where both men and monster live side by side seeking dominance, power and control. Where heroes rise and titans fall. A time where the future is uncertain...